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New video cameras on the roads record 49 traffic violations

These are the new Azimut-4 complexes: 400 of these have appeared in the Moscow region, and 200 more will be installed near Moscow in the near future.

Behind the wheel

New generation cameras are able to generate decisions immediately on 49 points of the Code of Administrative Offenses, record 16 violations of the Rules of the Road (up to 12 types at the same time). Including: driving on the “oncoming lane” and cutting corners when turning left at the intersection (fine – as for the “oncoming lane”), stop line at traffic lights. Perhaps it is with these complexes that the long-promised OSAGO auto-tracking will begin.

The fact is that the new cameras will be connected to databases of all kinds, from the bailiffs and the FSB to auto insurers. There should be no problems with recognizing cars on the wanted list either.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

The traffic police inspector, working in the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow Region, said that now the goal is to make the roads transparent, to track the movement of vehicles.

The cameras read almost all types (98%) of license plates, including foreign and obsolete ones (USSR format).

It is also interesting that the new cameras can work without a radar at all – and speeding can be recognized by video frames. And if they are included in the “radar silence” mode, they will be invisible to radar detectors.

Also, the cameras “recognize” the models and brands of vehicles: if the appearance of the car and its passport data do not match, a warning signal is sent to the control center.

Such a “smart” camera costs 16 million rubles per unit.

“Behind the wheel” can be read in Telegram

Source: MK

Photo: Kirill Zykov/AGN “Moscow”

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