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No sexual life: we are looking for a “state employee” for a novice driver in car dealerships

naked and available

It is a sin, of course, to walk around car dealerships and not look at the light of the domestic LADA. You know, in comparison with all the brands we visited today, the prices in the dealer center of the Togliatti brand are the most democratic. Although, I will not hide, to lay out 722,000 rubles for a “naked” Granta somehow does not rise. A car with “air conditioning”, “music”, rugs and other “husks” needed in everyday life will cost 950,000 “wooden” ones. Not cheap, of course, but within the amount allocated by dad, you can buy as many as two cars.

The LADA color palette did not satisfy my delicate feminine nature. Well, in fact, what are the pensioner’s colors? However, for an additional 120,000 rubles, the manager offered to paste over the car with a protective film of absolutely any shade. And I was almost ready to surrender, or rather to give the amount needed to buy a car, but my colleague looked at me with a stern look, twisting her finger at her temple.

… Summing up, I confess: I really didn’t think that it would be so difficult to find a worthy partner for joining a big automotive life for 2 million rubles. How many showrooms we went around, how many managers we talked to, and there were only three suitable options (I’m not at all ready to take the Grant): one on the “handle” (Hyundai Solaris) and two “Chinese” (Kaiyi E5 and pre-styling Changan CS35 Plus). As they say at our institute, “such a thing, of course.”

Well, you will have to talk with dad again in order to persuade him to buy a “beushki”. There will surely be more choices. But that’s a completely different story…

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