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Not a gram in the mouth: the traffic police began to “nightmare” summer residents in a new way


For many years, it has been believed that the traffic police, who control the main highways of traditionally “dacha” areas in the vicinity of large cities, are aimed at catching drunk drivers. Portal “AutoVzglyad” dispels this myth.

Drunk driving is disgusting and extremely dangerous for others. But if you study the reporting reports of the traffic police during, for example, the May holidays with their long days off, a curious thing turns out. Almost in any region of the country during the first ten days of May, from year to year, about 300 motorists are detained in a state of intoxication. That is, several hundred drunk for hundreds of thousands (and in some places – for millions) local drivers. Ridiculous percentage.

This is partly why lately you don’t often see in the media a report from some regional (or regional / republican) head office of the traffic police with a report on drunkards caught during the May holidays. The answer is simple: there are not enough of them. Much more often, the police come across drivers who neglect other points of the traffic rules, which imply much less stringent sanctions. It is on them that the traffic police officers who work on holidays on the “summer” roads are focused.

One of these violations is punishable by Art. 12.6 of the Code of Administrative Offenses – an unfastened seat belt. Very common when traveling in rural areas for short distances. For each occupant of the salon (including the driver himself), a fine of 1000 rubles per person sitting behind the wheel is due. An unfastened child “costs” 3,000 rubles. Each adult passenger caught “without a belt” will receive a protocol for 500 rubles.


Deserted rural roads on a weekend are considered by many to be a great place for a teenager to learn the basics of driving. A meeting with a traffic police patrol will complete such a lesson with a resolution under Part 3 of Art. 12.7. Code of Administrative Offenses: “transfer of driving to a person who obviously does not have the right to drive a vehicle.” It involves a fine of 30,000 rubles for the parent.

Another typical “dacha” violation is associated with the missing OSAGO policy. It “costs” 800 rubles. The fact is that many drivers who prefer to spend the entire warm season on their own suburban area “save” on the compulsory insurance of their civil liability. They drive little (only to the country house and back), practice a calm and accident-free driving style, do not get into an accident and therefore see no reason for themselves to purchase a policy. They are hunted by traffic police.

It is also impossible not to mention the most typical violation for a country holiday lover – the transportation of cargo in one’s own passenger car that protrudes more than one meter forward (or backward), or more than 40 cm to the side beyond the dimensions of the car. This is punishable under Art. 12.21 of the Code of Administrative Offenses – violation of the rules for the carriage of goods. She threatens with a fine of 500 rubles.



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