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Not Bugatti, but Veyron: the appearance of the new Haval crossover has been declassified

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the People’s Republic of China published an image of the Haval Veyron crossover in the patent database. Of course, it will have nothing in common with the famous hypercar – it is a mid-size crossover with an angular design.

The new product will receive a Hi-4 hybrid power plant with a gasoline engine and two electric motors with a capacity of about 400 hp. With. and will be able to travel on electric power up to 100 km. The main competitors of the Chinese Veyron are called Li L7 and L8, Aito M7 and BYD Tang, so it will cost about the same in China – about 200,000 yuan or 2,500,000 rubles at the current exchange rate.

As CarNewsChina explains, the round logo in the image of the crossover is the emblem of SAR, another Great Wall sub-brand. The fact is that Veyron was planned to be launched under this brand, but then the concern abandoned it for unknown reasons, and all models were distributed among other brands – so Veyron went to Haval.

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