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Old school brought together: five automotive “rudiments” that have become unnecessary in a couple of decades



In every automotive era, the motorist had a completely clear idea of ​​what kind of equipment, devices, and accessories you should not even leave the garage without. The AvtoVzglyad portal analyzed how these “settings” have changed in recent years.

Any normal Russian car owner of the beginning of the century would be very surprised if someone offered him to dismantle the mudguards from his car. Their necessity was an immutable postulate. Like – reduce the amount of spray from the wheels of the car. And for many drivers, mud flaps also became the subject of artistic self-realization. They were enlarged, decorated with “cool” inscriptions and pictures, as well as all sorts of shiny things. And now, to find a car with mudguards on the street, you need a fair amount of luck. And nothing: somehow we experience the “horrors” of dirt flying everywhere from under the wheels.

With about the same reverence, most car owners used to treat the anti-corrosion treatment of the body. And it was from what. The basis of the then fleet was the Zhiguli, Volga and Moskvich, which had a very mediocre resistance to corrosion. Which explained the popularity of “anticorrosive”. And when foreign cars with normally painted and galvanized bodies flooded Russia, they began to remember about the fight against corrosion only when they were dealing with very old or accident-prone cars.


The fate of the fender liner, once considered an indispensable element in the anti-corrosion “arsenal” of a motorist, practically duplicates the story with anticorrosive.

If someone had advised the author of these lines about 20 years ago to get rid of the trough rugs in the cabin, he would have heard a lot of interesting things about his mental abilities. And now, more and more often, cars do not use this old-school and classic design, but moisture-absorbing “carpets” made of non-woven natural and synthetic materials – something like “felt”. Or cellular EVA mats that collect moisture from boots.

And, finally, an accessory, without which almost every first car owner of the recent past could not imagine his car – a roof rack. These were not modern “arcs” on which anything is placed – from a streamlined box to bicycle mounts. By no means! We are talking about the trunk-“basket” or the trunk-“ladder”. At one time, many car owners did not dismantle them at all – even in between trips to the country with a bunch of junk on the roof. Now these designs can still be occasionally seen on the road – on cars with still strong grandfathers behind the wheel.



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