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Omoda and Jaecoo announce seven new models

Representatives of the brands Omoda and Jaecoo during a press conference at the Shanghai Auto Show said that by 2030 the market share of brands in the global market will be 10%. Not least due to the introduction of new models, including alternative fuels. In addition, intelligent cars, as the Chinese themselves call them, will be able to be personalized for a particular client.

In the near future – seven new models, as well as the presentation of 15 “unique energy technologies aimed at caring for the environment and designed to make traveling by car as comfortable and safe as possible.” True, all the details are still kept in the strictest confidence.

Due to the upcoming premieres, Omoda and Jaecoo plan to strengthen their positions in the international market and enter the TOP-10 best-selling car brands on the planet. Ambitious, but we have no doubts about success.

By the way, the Chinese will fill our country with new products by the end of 2023: as the head of Omoda in Russia, Viktor Naschansky, told the AvtoVzglyad portal, consumers are waiting for five new models, including crossovers from Jaecoo. A full list of upcoming vehicles and their launch dates can be found here.

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