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On New Year’s Day, a third of car owners will prefer road trips to a festive table

30% of Russians will go on a road trip on New Year’s holidays: study

Russians are no longer attracted to gatherings at the New Year’s table: 32% of motorists are ready to travel around the country by car during the winter holidays. Such data is provided in a study by InsurTech provider Simble.

“32% of car owners are going to visit Russian cities by car during the winter holidays. 23% plan to stay at home and celebrate the New Year with their families, practically without going outside, 41% are ready to go on a visit, to the skating rink and walks around the city,” analysts calculated.

At the same time, 4% of respondents do not intend to drive at all.

The study notes that Russians are ready to adjust their New Year’s plans depending on weather conditions. So, if a lot of snow falls in a certain region, the number of those who prefer to stay at home will increase.

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