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on the basis of Sadko Next created the car of the Ministry of Emergencies


If only to compare with the old GAZ-3309, then of course it will be more pleasant, but basically everything is the same and the same sores.


1) Very high fuel consumption up to 23 liters. In order for the consumption to fit into 18 liters, you need to drive no more than 70 km / h !!! 2) Very weak front suspension. 3) Very NOT reliable checkpoint. 4) Frequent problems with electrics and electronics. 5) Extremely NOT reliable turbines – only 30-50 thousand km are nursed. For example, ISUZU NQR turbines run for 500 or more thousand km. 6) Very weak steering tips. 7) A cramped and NOT comfortable cabin – NOT suitable for long-distance travel.

A comment:

I read reviews about GAZon NEXT here and I can say with 100% certainty that all the accolades are fake. fabulous inventions of the salesmen-managers of these lawns. Watch video reviews about the NEXT GAZon on YouTube – there people really suffer with them, but here there are only praises. Yes, and written by people who do NOT have the slightest understanding of the materiel of the car and are written in the style cKyd.0.yMi.ya. In fact, the Lawn Next is a very NOT reliable car with a high selling price that does not justify itself in any way. About its reliability, we can say that it is from the word no, i.e. as such is absent altogether. As a result, it constantly has to be repaired, and this is downtime and loss of customers, and the prices for spare parts and consumables for this miracle of technology are prohibitively high. The prices for some spare parts for GAZona Next bite and are at the level of prices for spare parts for foreign cars, and sometimes even higher, although, oddly enough, the quality of the spare parts is none and in fact terrifying. Of the advantages, only its attractive appearance can be distinguished, and this is only at first glance. The cabin is very cramped and not comfortable – not suitable for long trips. The plastic in the cabin is oak and rattles on every bump, and the plastic cracks from the sun, or it leads. The driver’s seat, although on a shock-absorbing suspension, is extremely unreliable and not comfortable, and also does not hold water. During the year, the seat falls apart and the seat suspension breaks and you have to buy a new one, or put a seat from a foreign car. The suspension also does not stand up to criticism. Sheets are constantly breaking in the front leaf spring. The rear spring is from the old GAZon and it is more reliable, but even with a load of only four tons, the rear spring bends in the opposite direction, and the feeling that it is about to break. A special minus and hemorrhagic is the steering tips. In size, they are almost like Gazelevsky ones and therefore break down extremely quickly – very often they have to be changed, every 30 thousand km this is very small. The gearbox is crumbling endlessly – really, for such a cost of a car, it was impossible to shove a good reliable gearbox into it ?! Frame – due to the fact that it was cut and lengthened, it became extremely flimsy. Wheels – if 240R20 (8.25R20) on discs with a retaining ring, then this is a quiet horror – these discs are generally useless to balance, they are outrageously crooked and were created back in the time of the king of peas for slow driving over rough terrain, with a rubber (tire) resource of about 50 thousand km – which, in general, is true, and on a run of 30 thousand km you won’t look at the tread without tears. Well, as a result of crooked discs and weak steering joints, the pivots break very quickly. With tubeless discs (and therefore tubeless tires), things are much better. The YaMZ-534 engine – at first glance, its appearance and characteristics are encouraging, but when you ride, especially loaded, this opinion changes dramatically for the worse. Declared in the performance characteristics of 150 hp well, you don’t feel it at all – apparently the engine was heavily strangled by the USR and a particulate filter. In essence and in sensations, the real power of the engine is felt at a level of only 100 hp. If on the ascent on a loaded (even some two tons !!!) Lawn Next, you catch up with a barely puffing overloaded KAMAZ (or something else) and do not have time to overtake, then with the possibility of overtaking you will not do it anymore – you have enough power, and you will to puff to the end of the ascent with this KAMAZ. Fuel consumption – 23-25 ​​liters of diesel fuel per 10 km / h – this is unrealistically much, especially considering that fuel consumption on similar foreign cars is only 14-18 liters !!! Bosch fuel equipment – here, exactly like in foreign cars, i.e. everything is the same, and injectors and injection pumps with Common Rail injection extremely dislike NOT high-quality fuel. Flashing the engine ECU and removing the USR and soot do not give a big positive result in increasing power and reducing fuel consumption. Reliability of the engine – leaves much to be desired. Well, if it goes 100 thousand km to the capital, then you are incredibly lucky. The sore of this engine is the rubber seals under the sleeves, which leak. Couldn’t such a simple detail as a rubber ring be made of high-quality material?! Turbocharger (for dummies, just a turbine) – on many lawns, it takes care of only 30 thousand km !!! You didn’t notice – that many units at the GAZon go 30 thousand km – you immediately remember the programmed wear of parts and assemblies)) If you take it with the Chinese Cummins ISF 3.8 engine, it will be more powerful and not so voracious in terms of consumption, but the fact that it Chinese speaks for itself that it is very NOT reliable. I tried to make it short, but I made it really short and to the point. So make a conclusion whether it is worth buying such an extremely NOT reliable truck and at such an unrealistically inflated price. I worked for three years at GAZon Next and was extremely dissatisfied with it. I wouldn’t buy it for myself.

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