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Only “China”: owners of Kia and Hyundai are waiting for big problems with spare parts


According to Sergey Demidov, vice-president for auto insurance at Renaissance Insurance, the delivery time for spare parts has grown significantly lately – some parts have to wait up to three months. And this applies not only to rare cars, but also quite common ones – such as Hyundai Solaris or Kia Ceed. There is an acute shortage of “bodywork”, original Korean oils. And a number of other, “locksmith” positions.

For example, even official dealers can no longer get a CVT for Kia Seltos, since they simply are not left in the automaker’s central warehouse. And parallel imports in such a situation also do not save, says Alexander Prikhodko, development director of CardanBalance, the logistics chain becomes too long, which negatively affects the final price of the unit and delivery times.


— To solve this problem, many Russian companies resort to importing auto parts from third countries, including China and Belarus. And while this may seem like a good idea at first glance, there are often difficulties due to the differences between Russian, Korean and Chinese parts. The latter may simply not fit if they are not compatible with the car, says our interlocutor.

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