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Opel Astra: allergy-proof with Intelli Air

AIR QUALITY – Opel is a company that pays great attention to passenger comfort. Over the years the German company has distinguished itself for the quality of its car seats, certified by the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken eV), an independent body authorized to certify the correct ergonomics of products that interact with the human body and its posture. The manufacturer has also attached particular importance to the air quality inside the passenger compartmentguaranteed by the sophisticated management system Intelli-Airavailable for all versions of Opel Astra.

HOW DOES IT WORK? – This system combines air and particulate filters particularly effective with a monitoring system. The system continuously monitors the state of the passenger compartment, starting automatic renewal when the air becomes stale (air quality is controlled by the position of the recirculation vent). When the outside air quality is not good, the car sensor (AQS) closes the vent so that pollutants do not enter the passenger compartment. On the other hand, when the air inside the passenger compartment is of poor quality or stale, for example due to smoke or dust on clothes, the vent opens, so as to guarantee passengers the intake of fresh air. Passengers can check the air quality firsthand through the multimedia system’s touch screen, which displays a car-shaped emoji based on the international AQI (Air Quality Index).

THERE IS THE PM 2.5 SENSOR – The color of the emoji changes based on the standard air levels in the cabin. The air standard inside the passenger compartment is monitored by a PM 2.5 sensor capable of detect the presence of particulate matter up to 2.5 micrometers large. The effectiveness of the Intelli-Air system is partly due to the presence of activated carbon and particulate filters; composed of two layers, they limit the entry of particles into the passenger compartment, as well as filtering bad odors and gases, guaranteeing the near elimination of pollen.

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