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OSAGO policies proposed to be made daily and monthly

The relevant amendments to the law will be considered by the State Duma.

Behind the wheel

Russian drivers should be able to conclude OSAGO contracts for a day or a month instead of existing annual policies. This initiative was made by State Duma deputy Alexander Tolmachev. He noted that if the amendments are adopted, the OSAGO policy will become more accessible, primarily for taxi drivers.

The introduction of hourly or daily rates will help attract more drivers and make the market more legal and safer, the parliamentarian believes.

Behind the wheel“The amendments are aimed at increasing the availability of OSAGO and facilitating the process of obtaining a policy for self-employed taxi drivers. Now it is very difficult and expensive to issue an OSAGO for a taxi. High prices for OSAGO are due to the unprofitability of such policies in recent years,” Tolmachev explained.

He proposes to normalize the unprofitability of insurance companies from short policies due to the fact that drivers will pay up to a three-month OSAGO if they get into an accident during this time.

As previously reported, from September 1, 2023, a new taxi law comes into force, according to which carriers must issue OSAGO for taxis in order to obtain permission to operate in the industry.

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