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Paid detour of Krasnodar on M4 “Don” will be opened on June 10

— We have two bottlenecks: bypassing Aksai and bypassing the DZOK (“Far Western Bypass of Krasnodar”). This is 86.7 km of new roads, which we will hand over a year and a half earlier. On June 10, we plan to open the section, which will allow us to expand the bottlenecks. We know that the M4 highway is the most in demand today,” Petushenko said during a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Recall that at the end of January 2023, by order of the government, a paid mode of travel was established along the Far Western Bypass of Krasnodar section of the M4 Don highway until June 30, 2122. As a free alternative, two routes are offered to drivers.

The first includes the Krasnodar-Yeisk highway, Krasnodar itself, the A-289 highway and the A-290 highway. The length of this route is 58 km. The second one runs along the M4 Don highway, then through the city of Krasnodar, and then also along the A−289 and A−290 highways. The length of this variant of the bypass of the new pay site is 64 km.

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