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Parking wars: “humans” against a person, or Who is Kalman

New residential areas – beautiful, stylish and attractive in terms of mortgage rates – have, as it turned out, their drawbacks. The key is parking spaces, which are sorely lacking. As a result, on a vast territory there is simply nowhere to park the car after eight in the evening, and parking lots and garages cost exorbitant money. Often – commensurate with the cost of the housing itself. Muscovites, accustomed to parking in old districts, where there are often more than enough places, suddenly face a shortage of square meters not of housing, but of asphalt. It turns out that you need to get up tighter, more accurate, closer to your neighbor, otherwise …

Otherwise, a storm of indignation will rise: for a crooked parking lot for several places, a blocked passage or someone else’s car, without leaving your phone, you can “collect” a whole range of different “punishments”. For example, a huge sticker in half of the windshield, all four flat tires – the spools will lie on the hood, but you will have to work hard collecting them.

Those who are also particularly distinguished, who believe that a Toyota car or a German sedan are a sufficient argument for neglecting the general rules, receive a gift from the garbage heap: repairs in new LCDs are constantly going on, so finding an old toilet and piling it on the offender’s car is not a short matter. Residents passing by also put garbage bags there. Farewell, paint!

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