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Photos of the interior of the new LADA Granta Sport leaked to the network


There are only a few months left before the start of mass production of the next novelty from Togliatti: photos of a completely finished car “walk” on the Internet. It is already known that the car will be equipped with a 122-horsepower engine and disc brakes on all four wheels, and now the first pictures of the interior of the sports modification have appeared.

LADA Granta, the most popular domestic passenger car, will soon receive a sports version. The issue will be arranged at the subsidiary LADA Sport after the team’s corporate leave. It is reported that a test assembly is already being carried out – it is also pre-production – and the subsequent calibration of the machines. Moreover, there are also the first pictures of the interior decoration of the novelty.

Yes, the LADA Granta Sport salon is no longer a secret: the Avtograd portal posted the first photos of the passenger compartment trim of the “sported” Togliatti liftback. Attention is drawn primarily to the red inserts in the seat trim, as well as the accuracy of assembly and fitting, the absence of prominent or foreign elements.

Granta Sport looks like a ready-made car, which differs from the serial car only in the absence of a VIN code and the documents necessary for registration. So, before the appearance of cars, dealers have only a few months left.



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