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Pickup “opened” like a tin can

Behind the wheel

Among the vehicles that seem to attract trouble, high-roofed pickup trucks are somewhere at the top of the list. Especially if the cargo area cover almost doubles the height of the car and is made of thin metal such as aluminum or steel.

In the case of the pickup truck in this video, it takes exactly 22 seconds for something bad to happen. The camera shoots inside the canopy in front of the store with steel sliding doors.

There is a loud crash, the front wheels of the truck are lifted into the air, it turns and almost blows away a row of motorcycles. In addition to the dramatic effect, the video shakes as the collision sends out shock waves.

Meanwhile, the driver finds a higher section of the canopy and calmly leaves. After that, a woman runs out of the store and starts taking pictures with her mobile phone. She runs after the truck, most likely trying to take a photo of the license plate in order to make a claim to the driver about the damage to the shed.

“Driving” can be read in Odnoklassniki

Video: YouTube

Photo: Youtube video screenshot

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