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Pirelli Calendar 2024: beyond memory

BEYOND TIMETimeless: this is the theme chosen by Price Gyasi, who was entrusted with the new edition of Pirelli calendar. In this work the photographer has immortalized figures capable of leaving a mark that will remain and inspire future generations. The artist Ghanaian underlined this concept: “We were not born ‘timeless’, but we become so”. The characters that follow one another on the pages of the calendar are for him “superheroes with whom we can identify”.

The opera is played on bright colors and strong contrasts which characterize Gyasi, who was not born as a photographer, but as a painter and was also a DJ and a footballer in his past. The protagonists of the calendar are all characters who “have been able to recognize their own abilities and have established themselves. They found their strength, changing their destiny.” To pose for the 2024 calendarmade right in London, there are famous names such as the model Naomi Campell or the actress Angela Basset, the director and producer Jeymes Samuel or the former footballer Marcel Desailly.

A TRIBUTE TO AFRICA – Prince Gyasi is the last of the 39 artists who created the Calendar and his work represents the fiftieth edition of the sixty years of history, from 1964 to 2024, taking into account the years in which it was not published. To create his calendar, Gyasi chose London and his country of origin, to raise awareness of its culture and natural resources. “Ghana – he explains – is a special land. It is the gateway to Africa where you can find everything: cocoa, gold, bauxite, oil…

I wanted to bring Pirelli to us to introduce a new world through a Calendar that will remain forever, perhaps creating new development possibilities. After Botswana, where the 2008 Pirelli Calendar was created, it is nice to go to another African country, discover its culture and meet the local people. It is the most peaceful country in Africa. I think it’s a special place and you will feel the energy when you go there. It was very stimulating to do a shooting on site and make people understand better how the country works.”

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