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Presented budget version of the new Mercedes-Benz E-class


Just the other day, the Germans rolled out a new generation of the Mercedes-Benz E-class, while some versions, including diesel and “hot” ones from AMG, have not yet been presented. They didn’t show us the station wagon either. But with regret they announced the death of the legendary V8, whose place in the power line will be taken by a “quick-fire” hybrid. And how do you like the most budgetary modification of “Eshki”? With details – the portal “AvtoVzglyad”.

Our colleagues from shared their fantasies about the budget luxury, presenting their vision of the basic version of the Mercedes-Benz E-class for the Russian market. No AMG-package and huge “rollers” – the car is “planted” on 17-inch rims. And it’s good that at least light alloy.

The interior has been “transformed” due to simplified seats trimmed with recycled eco-leather, the multimedia complex has lost a number of modern options, and the center console has lost video cameras. And why overpay if you can put an ordinary DVR in the salon!

As for the engine, the 204-horsepower standard version was “lowered” to 199 anti-tax “horses”. For the sake of saving gasoline for the sake of silent starting, a 48-volt starter-generator is installed. But about the proprietary all-wheel drive 4MATIC will have to be forgotten. However, why is it for “premium” taxi drivers, who are mainly designed for the “shabby” version of the E-class?



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