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Pure alcohol instead of gasoline. Will it start, will it go? — Driving magazine

Craftsmen from “Garage 54” light up again, and in the literal sense – a mixture of gasoline and ethanol.

Behind the wheel

Chemists are constantly trying to invent improved gasoline and sometimes interfere with it with alcohol. In some countries, part of the gasoline is being replaced with more environmentally friendly bioethanol made from plants. Somehow the guys from Garage 54 tried to run a car on vodka – nothing happened.

Now they decided to do it on pure alcohol, mixing in the same proportions as in Thailand. They took 150 ml of gasoline and 850 ml of pure ethyl alcohol and started the engine.

The car started up easily, but ran poorly, trying to stall all the time. The alcohol-gasoline mixture needs to be supplied much more in order for the machine to work adequately, experts decided. It is necessary to put in an old Zhiguli either a larger carburetor or jets. As a result, for the 1.2 engine, they took the carburetor from the 1.7 engine. But even this was not enough.

This is the rare case when the experiment failed. Well, it happens. And in general, it’s not even the result that is interesting here, but the process itself.

“Driving” can be read in Odnoklassniki

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