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Radical has updated its base sports car and increased its service interval

Known for its racing track models, the brand has completed the renewal of its sports car line. Following the upgraded versions of the SR3 and SR10 supercars, it’s time for a restyling of the base SR1 model. Like other cars, the improved modification received the designation XXR and became even more prepared for accurate and fast driving on the circuit. At the same time, the model retained its status as relatively inexpensive by the standards of the class of the car and the entrance ticket to the world of track sports cars.

The main feature of the restyled modification was the engine – the sports car received a new power unit, created by Radical Performance Engines (RPE), a proprietary engine building division. Specialists removed 200 horsepower from the 1.3-liter engine while increasing the service interval by 25%, and oil change intervals increased from six to ten hours.

It is stated that the improvements made it possible to reduce the warm-up time of the engine and the temperature conditions of the engine were optimized. The head of the block has been modernized, the engine connecting rods have become lighter, the mass of the ignition system has decreased, the lubrication system has been optimized, which made it possible to increase the engine’s acceleration without sacrificing reliability.

Radical Motorsport Radical Motorsport

The motor is combined with a 6-speed sequential gearbox, which has changed settings. The equipment includes an adjustable suspension, an AIM MXS multifunctional digital instrument panel, a telemetry system and a number of other equipment. Visually, the novelty can be distinguished by the aerodynamic “fin” behind the driver’s seat. As an option, you can choose a two-seat interior and a special muffler that reduces the noise level for routes with restrictions on this indicator.

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