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Renault Captur: Take your time, it will satisfy you


In full hybrid version, the Renault Captur it costs less than its direct rivals and is not very “thirsty”: on average, during our test, we have traveled more than 17 km/l of petrol. The 94 bhp 1.6 unit works with two current motors: the traction motor has 49 bhp; the other, who has 19 less, is “only” concerned with restarting the four-cylinder and synchronizing the engagements of the robotised gearbox, which has four ratios for the 1.6 and two for the electric. With a fanciful look, especially with the 18” rims (standard on the RS Line version we tested, no longer available, and replaced by the equally rich Engineered and Rive Gauche), this crossover overall has a lively character and moves smoothly and silent.

In the most decisive driving, however, the change reveals a few too many uncertainties, accusing a little delay in the marching passages. Furthermore, on climbs with steep slopes, it happens that the battery runs out (to recharge it you have to slow down): nothing strange, but with only the 1.6 to push the verve drops a lot, more than in the other hybrids. The passenger compartment is very welcoming and well soundproofed, whose sliding sofa makes it possible to expand the trunk, which basically has a capacity of only 305 liters, but boasts a regular shape and some comforts, such as the load platform adjustable on two levels and a pair of practical hooks for hanging shopping bags.

Access on board is also comfortable, favored by the large doors, which can be unlocked by keeping the key in the pocket, and the seats, finished with care, like the whole interior, and well padded. The gear lever is easily manoeuvrable, placed on the cantilevered shelf under which there is a small compartment, useful but not easy to reach. Due to the chip crisis, our test sample was not equipped with some electronic systems driving aids today data practically taken for granted, on cars of this category, such as lane alignment, adaptive cruise control and blind spot sensors. Despite these important absences, at the end of 2022 Euro NCAP confirmed that the car deserves the overall five stars obtained in the first tests, which date back to three years earlier.

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