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Russian authorities are preparing a sharp rise in the price of all new cars

It seems that this imperious “thought” has nothing to do with caring for the domestic auto industry.

It is known that now approximately 65,000-70,000 new and used cars are imported into Russia every month. Assuming that all of them are equipped with engines with a volume of less than two liters, most of them “dripping” almost 180,000 rubles into the treasury in the form of a recycling fee. This assumption is close to the truth, since the customs in every possible way stifles the mass import of foreign cars “for individuals”. Applying simple arithmetic, we come to the conclusion that the waste collection brings the treasury about 11 billion rubles a month. This is about 140 billion a year.

That in today’s times, the falling oil revenues of the state budget must have seemed very small to someone in the government. And here it is – an ingenious solution: to increase the size of the waste collection. All the same, people will buy cars, they will not go anywhere. Look how recently the total amount of car loans taken by Russians has grown: cars have become expensive – people are forced to buy them on credit much more often! Well, when they increase the utilization fee, increasing the retail price of cars, the volume of car loans will grow even more. But nothing, our people are patient. It is much more promising in exploitation than any oil field …

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