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Russian authorities promised “inflationary” increase in gasoline prices

“We believe that with an adjusted damper, retail fuel prices will not exceed inflation,” Mr. Shulginov told reporters during the first Caucasian investment exhibition in Mineralnye Vody.

Recall that earlier Finance Minister Anton Siluanov announced the authorities’ plans to halve additional payments to oil workers under the fuel damper mechanism from July this year. Since, according to him, this money (about 8,000 rubles for each ton of fuel) completely becomes the profit of oil refiners and does not affect the price tags at gas stations. The “fuel damper” was invented by the authorities in 2019 to prevent an uncontrolled rise in prices on the domestic Russian fuel market.

In connection with the latest statements by the ministers, a logical question arises: since the amount of payments under the “damper” does not fundamentally affect retail prices at Russian gas stations, for what purpose in 2022 were the record 2.2 trillion rubles transferred from the treasury to oil companies under this mechanism. rubles?

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