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Russian blogger dismantled the Tank 500 and clearly showed its disadvantages

Another weak point may be the frame: Chinese engineers have relied on a design with removable transverse elements for the convenience of working with the engine and gearbox. However, it turned out that there are more than one and a half meters between the fixed rigid frame elements. Non-syringed gimbal crosses can also become a problem: the parts will have to be changed as an assembly.

Ilya Sviridov noted that the resource of the engine, the quality of the metal and chromium are still unknown. However, the first impression of the SUV is positive: the interior is much quieter than in the Land Cruiser 300, the equipment is rich, the finishing materials are decent, there are “premium” options like retractable thresholds. The developers did not skimp on soundproofing the floor, and the Tank 500 also has exemplary welded joints, the body seams are generously smeared with sealant, and the wiring is made to last.

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