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Russian factories of Hyundai, Toyota and Nissan received a loss of 57 billion rubles

The factories of the South Korean Hyundai (Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus LLC), as well as the Japanese Toyota (Toyota Motor LLC) and Nissan (Nissan Manufacturing Rus LLC) located in St. Petersburg, have a total of 57 billion rubles in their financial statements for 2022 net loss. In 2022, their total revenue fell to 157.6 billion rubles from 639.2 billion rubles received in 2021. Then their total profit amounted to more than 36 billion rubles.

The maximum loss for 2022 was demonstrated by the Russian enterprise Toyota – more than 32 billion rubles. Hyundai reported a loss of 19 billion rubles, and Nissan about 6 billion. It is curious that the Russian Nissan, the only one among its colleagues in misfortune in the Russian car market, turns out to be paying dividends in 2022! For these purposes, judging by his bookkeeping, it took about 1 billion rubles.

Recall that during the past year, Japanese Toyota and Nissan announced the closure of their production sites in St. Petersburg. And one of the St. Petersburg enterprises of the Korean Hyundai, having stood idle for some time, began to slowly produce spare parts and components for assembling brand cars in Kazakhstan. The production of Korean cars in Russia was not resumed.

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