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Russians are less likely to be deprived of their rights for speeding

Most speed violations in Russia are recorded by traffic cameras. The most common violation in the country is punishable by a fine of up to five thousand rubles. However, in the event that the driver exceeds the established limit by 60 kilometers or more, the materials can be sent to court. He, in turn, will decide whether to deprive the motorist of rights or limit himself to a fine.

Previously, inspectors “caught” violators with the help of “hair dryers” – speed meters such as “Binar” or “Vizir”. Last summer, hand-held mobile radars were banned by Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev. He did not explain his decision, however, even before that, their use was limited: meters were allowed to be used only in exceptional cases and under the personal responsibility of local bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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