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Russians are more and more interested in holidays in Turkey – prices have been reduced

After stabilization of prices in this direction, sales are growing.

Behind the wheel

Demand for vacations in Turkey in the summer and during the May holidays turned out to be noticeably lower than expected in 2023 due to a sharp increase in prices. However, now, after the reduction of the cost of accommodation by Turkish hoteliers, sales in this direction are growing.

Now premium hotels have fallen in price by an average of 15%, including 5 * deluxe hotels, and budget hotels – by 30-40%. Despite the fact that the second half of May is traditionally considered a failure due to low demand, tour operators are now noting an increase in demand for holidays in Turkey.

Behind the wheel

Although there is still no depth of bookings – a maximum of a week, the industry notes. The vast majority buys tours on the eve of departures.

During the last quarter, Turkey accounted for just over 26% of last minute Last minute store bookings and now stands at over 40%.

The presidential elections that are currently taking place in the country are holding back demand a little, but this situation will continue only until May 28, when the second round of elections will take place. And by the first days of June, with the advent of greater certainty, the full implementation of pent-up demand will begin in the direction, the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) notes.

For the next May dates, a tour for two for 6 nights to the Dragut Point South 4 * hotel in Bodrum with a flight on a charter flight of Turkish Airlines and all inclusive meals will cost 61 thousand rubles. In the three-star Pink Palace 3 * in Fethiye with the same food and flight is even cheaper – from 52 thousand rubles.

“Behind the wheel” can be read on VKontakte

Source: PCT press service

Photo: Unsplash

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