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Shanghai leopard: why the government is against budget cars for Russians

– There is a local brand in China – Jetta. He makes, among other things, a VW Polo class model. They sell it from the factory, in terms of “ours”, for about 600,000 rubles. Take and export to Russia. But for this, the importer will have to spend about 800,000 rubles on each car – in the form of duties and fees at our customs. And the price of delivery from China to the European part of Russia will “eat” at least 200,000 rubles. As a result, in Russian retail, a budget Chinese car will cost at least 1.6-1.7 million rubles, – says Alexei Podshchekoldin, head of the Russian Automobile Dealers Association (ROAD).

He believes that our customs legislation is now “sharpened” to protect a certain national automaker. Which is now represented on the passenger market by almost only AVTOVAZ.

– It is unofficially known that AVTOVAZ is going to sell its LADA Vesta NG at a price of 1.6-1.7 million rubles (other market experts talk about prices in the region of 1.2 million rubles – editorial note). But for the same money you can bring its Chinese competitor to Russia, having previously paid a lot of money at customs and for delivery! This means that we ourselves cannot really create a competitive car! In fact, we have no one to protect with duties, – Mr. Podshchekoldin believes.

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