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So I’ll go: what will happen if you don’t fill the air conditioner with freon on time

Oxidation, the appearance of rust – yes, it’s true. Not without reason, freon is filled mixed with oil, which should not only indicate the place of the leak, but also constantly lubricate the entire circuit. However, the most important thing in this case is the absorber. In fact, this is a tube filled with a composition similar to silica gel: it is designed to remove flag particles from the system, preventing the same corrosion. Where does moisture come from in a closed circuit? Condensation, like in a carburetor. There is no getting away from him.

The absorber turns to stone in just a day “in the open air”. Having picked up H2O from all possible gaps, it stops passing gas, so even a comprehensive replacement of tubes and a new gas station will not change the situation. You will have to “release pressure” again, disassemble the circuit, change the damaged element, then assemble and refuel. And this is provided that the compressor, clutch and everything else did not “rest” during the downtime.

Having found that the air conditioner has stopped responding to the power button, you need to check the pressure in the circuit as soon as possible – press the valve under the hood with a screwdriver: does it whistle or not. After – listen to the moment the compressor with the clutch is turned on (should click), then – look at the fuses, sign up for repairs. And the sooner the better. Because there is only a day for the budget recovery.

What is “budgetary”? For some popular car models, the absorber costs about 20,000 rubles. So the budget is without replacing it.

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