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Soft with warm: test drive Chery Tiggo 8 Pro e +

A lot has already been said about the “eight about max”, design and style have been discussed from head to toe. But it’s better to see once than to read about facets and shapes a hundred times: the “smile wider, Kia” grille, “I’m with my mother Range Rover” headlights, the Sorento XXIII century form factor. The hybrid differs slightly from the “original source”: only an additional filling hatch in the wing, where the socket is located, the absence of foglights and exhaust is striking. Nozzles are purely decoration. On the lid is a tiny letter “e +”. Oh yes, I almost forgot: if you stand in the pose of a drinking doe, then a battery of almost 20 kW / h is visible under the bottom, which eats up a good part of the ground clearance. That’s all the visual differences from Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max.

The salon meets richly: brown leather with stampings, embroidered diamonds, a line of screens (moreover, one responsible for the “weather in the house” is even bent); a variety of plastics, among which notes of Korean premium are read; flattened steering wheel in the latest fashion, wireless charging. The seats are comfortable, but only the driver has an emphasis on the spine.

But the traditional Asian ailment with a short pillow was not noticed: even the need for an increased contact area, caused by the natural width of the bone, was fully satisfied. Sony music sounds decent, regardless of the choice of artist, but I would like more isolation of the passenger compartment from extraneous noise. You can still hear the wheels. Even through the cries of eyebrows, a healthy lifestyle, and the glasses of one famous daughter. Trunk? Yes, the usual one: three travel bags fit, it’s a pity that it doesn’t have a spare wheel or a dokatka. The technocrat is only entitled to a can of repair compound, placed in the cellar with an organizer. From a technical point of view, everything is more complicated.

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