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Superbollo, Salvini: “We want to abolish it”

“HATEFUL TAX” – The government has reached an agreement to abolish the superbollo, the additional annual tax applied to all cars with a power exceeding 185 kW. The news comes from the Northern League exponents of the executive, through the mouth of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini: “We want to abolish the super stamp and cancel an odious tax to give oxygen to the market, supporting a precious sector that directly or indirectly involves millions of families”. The deputy prime minister also reiterated his willingness to continue on the path of biofuels, hoping that Europe will allow their use after 2035.

“DEPRESSES THE MARKET” – The government’s move was welcomed by the ACI: “After 11 years, the superbollo of the car is being dealt with, a unjust and useless tax”, commented the president Angelo Sticchi Damiani. According to him, the super vignette had the only effect of “distorting and depressing the national car market. Its abolition will give back full freedom in the production and purchase of cars, without artificial limitations”. One of the promoters of the abolition, the Honorable Riccardo Augusto Marchetti, reiterated how the superbollo “it has not brought any benefit to the coffers of the state”, but on the contrary “it has determined only losses in terms of less revenue both for VAT and stamp duty purposes”.

YOU NEED TO WAIT – of course theprocess for abolition it has just begun and we cannot expect that from tomorrow motorists who paid the surcharge will be exempt from doing so. The measure could be included in the tax reform envisaged by the delegation bill, but to find out more it will be necessary to evaluate the resources available, with the first verification in the autumn with the Nadef and then with the Budget Law. Will it be the right time? All that remains is to wait.

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