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Telephone law: can a traffic cop check the “mobiles” of the driver and passengers of the car

If the traffic police officer demands to depict something similar right on the side of the road, the driver or passenger of the car should do the following. First of all, write down the name of the serviceman, his badge number and the name of the unit. Find out in what case he intends to get acquainted with the contents of your “mobile”. Ideally, everything that happens should be filmed.

If the traffic cop, in response to your refusal to give him access to the phone, offers to go with him to the police department, specify the name and address of this wonderful place and contact your relatives or a lawyer you know, tell them where and who is going to take you. In this case, it is necessary to require the police to issue a protocol on administrative detention in accordance with Art. 27 of the Code of Administrative Offenses – so that an official “trace” of what is happening remains. Well, in the department, insist on drawing up a protocol for examining the contents of your phone. At the same time, the police officer is obliged to mark in it all the “pages” that he views.

Agree that such a procedure is too cool for an idle (albeit trying to portray vigilance) traffic cop. Therefore, describe to him in detail all the “body movements” that he will have to make in order to get to the contents of your smartphone. Most likely, after that, the desire to delve into your device will dry up.

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