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Ten track day cars for a beastly Sunday

ON THE TRACK AT FULL BEERGo to the track with your own car. Raise your hand who, passionate about racing and engines, has never done it or has never dreamed of doing it, at least once in their life. Driving to the limit in places where it is allowed to do so, naturally respecting the safety rules and those suggested by common sense, it is an electrifying experience. Even more so if the car with which you set off in search of the fastest lap is the one usually used to go to work, do the shopping or even, in some cases, pick up the children from school. This is exactly the purest spirit that animates i track day: days in which motorists with a passion for speed forget everything else and go in search of thrills at the racetrack.

The red lights that go out, the roar of the engine that invades the passenger compartment, the tires that squeal: just ring a couple of laps to feel the adrenaline begin to flow to the skin. But while the pilot (or would-be pilot) si enjoy it like crazy, his trusty playmate is inevitably forced to work overtime to prolong the fun as much as possible and get back home… on her own wheels. It is evident that not all cars are suitable for the purpose and for this very reason we have decided to bring together ten of them in our photo gallery which, between the curbs, are doing quite well. Let us know in the comments what is your favorite.

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