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Tesla: a new lithium refining plant

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN – One of the strengths of the Teslawhich in recent months has confirmed itself as the largest electric manufacturer in the world, is to have direct control over supplier chain, which the American manufacturer tries to keep short. This aspect has allowed Tesla to have much higher margins than those of its competitors. However, in an increasingly competitive market, characterized by the aggressiveness of Chinese manufacturers, in order to have lasting success over time it is necessary to “get your hands on” also in the chain of supply of batteries, an element that has a decisive influence on the cost of an EV, also due to the presence of precious chemical elements such as lithium. The opening of the construction site for the new one must be seen from this point of view lithium refinery which will rise outside Corpus Christi, city of Texas.

PRODUCE LITHIUM IN YOUR OWN – The site’s inauguration ceremony took place in recent days (see the videos below) and saw the participation of the local authorities and the CEO Elon Musk, who reached the stage aboard the Tesla Cybertruck, the awaited electric pick-up. Tesla plans to produce enough lithium for batteries at this new factory to support the production of 1 million electric cars a year. The lithium hydroxide that is produced here will support the production of battery cells that takes place at the Gigafactory in Austin (Texas).

OPERATIONAL IN 2025 – The news of the opening of the lithium refining plant on the Gulf coast of Texas dates back to September 2022. The American company had already confirmed its intention to invest $365 million in the lithium refining plant, which will employ approximately 165 full-time people, in addition to another 250 jobs that will be engaged in the construction site over the next two years. According to what was communicated by Tesla, the works on the factory should be completed by 2024, with the start of operations which is instead set for the following year.

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