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the all-terrain vehicle MAZMAN is presented – magazine Behind the wheel

The MAZMAN snow and swamp vehicle at the CTT exhibition attracted crowds of curious visitors due to its appearance.

Behind the wheel

The new Russian snow and swamp vehicle is able to move through swamps, on ice and even swim on water. In water, the car moves due to the rotation of the wheels, as well as with the help of an optional propeller. With it, the speed of movement on water reaches 8 km / h. Changing the direction of movement is carried out by the front wheels.

Behind the wheel Behind the wheel

The wheels deserve special attention: they are equipped with ultra-low pressure tires manufactured by Belshina OJSC, which were tested in marshy forests and water bodies with thin ice. The design of the tires provides high cross-country ability and buoyancy of the all-terrain vehicle. Such tires practically do not injure the top layer of the soil due to the low specific pressure on the ground (0.15 kg/cm2).

The body of the all-terrain vehicle is made of fiberglass with foaming of internal cavities, which provides sound insulation and allows you to save heat. The rigidity of the body is provided by steel bearing elements.

Behind the wheel“Behind the wheel” can be read in Telegram

Source and photo: Reis magazine

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