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The Alpine A110 conquering Pikes Peak 2023

THE MOST FAMOUS TIME TRIAL – The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb it’s a uphill time trial whose route winds along the slopes of the homonymous mountain located in the State of Colorado (USA). With a distance of approximately 19.99 kilometers to the top of Pikes Peak, which is part of the Rocky Mountains, the riders are faced with 156 turns and an altitude of 2800 meters to 4300 meters above sea level. It is therefore a rather demanding competition in which the Alpine.

THE FIRST IMAGES – The debut of the French house is set for June 25, 2023a race in which he will participate with theAlpine A110 Pikes Peak, a special version of the A110R developed in collaboration with Signatech, a specialized company. The Alpine A110 Pikes Peak, anticipated by the images on this page, is a real one racing beastwhich is characterized by a particular blue, black and white livery, and above all by the special aerodynamic “package” which makes it very extreme.

SOPHISTICATED AERODYNAMICS – These include the large rear spoiler, the extremely pronounced splitters, the deflectors at the ends of the bumper, the side skirts and the important diffuser; all useful elements for maximizing downforce, very useful for effectively tackling the 156 corners of the competition. Also notable is the Le Mans-style fin on the rear window of theAlpine A110 Pikes Peak which extends to cut the imposing rear wing in two. On the roof there is an intake to let the engine breathe, which power was brought to approx 500 CV. The engineers also worked on reducing the weightwhich stops at 950 kg.

TRIALS, THEN THE RACE – After carrying out the first test runs on 25 and 26 April at Lurcy-Lévis, the L’Alpine A110 Pikes Peak he will meet the pilot who will drive it to Pikes Peak, Raphaël Astier, who, next week will test it for the first time in the definitive configuration.

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