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The Alpine A290_ β is preparing for its debut

URBAN SPORTS – Alpine is preparing to launch its first electric model, the una sports version of the Renault 5the electric city car that will go into production in 2024. We will know more on May 9th, the day in which Alpine will show the A290_b, a showcar that anticipates the arrival of this battery-powered sports city car by a few months. The A290 will be the first in the future “Dream Garage” range, made up of the heir to the current A110 and a GT crossover (Who read more), embodying the new era of Alpine: electric and sporty.

> The Alpine A290 will be the sports version of the Renault 5 expected in 2024 (in the photo above the prototype).

BETA PHASE – The Alpine A290_b follows the naming strategy of Groupe Renault’s French brand, which features an A followed by three numbers. The first number indicates the size of the vehicle, while the 90 is intended for the company’s multi-purpose cars, which are more life-style oriented. Instead the sportier cars will be identified with the final number 10. The β (beta) refers to the world of technology, in which software before being released to the general public is tested to find any bugs and fix them. The stock A290 should be equipped with a 218 HP electric motorthe same mounted on the Mégane E-Tech, quite a few for such a small car.

> In 2021, Alpine released the first information on future models (Who the news), accompanying them with the image above, where they are visible in silhouette: they will be the Alpine A290, based on the Renault 5, the heir to the A110 and a new crossover GT.

READY WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE – During the weekend the single-seaters of theAlpine competing in the Formula 1 and Endurance world championships will have QR Codes through which it will be possible to win a seat to attend the official presentation of the A290_b in Bristol, England. You will need to be fast enough to scan the QR Code on the Alpine A523s that will participate in the Formula 1 GP in Baku and on the A470s during the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps and then hope for luck. All the others will be able to attend by connecting at 10.30 pm to the streaming from the link

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