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The “barn find of the century” is the Palmen collection in the Netherlands

230, VERY PRECIOUS PIECES – Maserati, Lancia, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Aston Martin, BMW, Facel Vega and many other noble brands that have written memorable pages in world automotive history. To find this amazing collectionwhich counts well 230 pieces, until yesterday belonging to a Mr. Palmen, was Gallery Aaldering, a well-known dealer based in Brummen, in the Netherlands, specializing in the buying and selling of prestigious vintage cars. Detected en bloc, the cars will be beaten in one auction online (Who to find out more) organized by the Dutch auction house Classic Car Auction which will last three days, from Monday 5 June to Wednesday 7 June next.

MR. PALMER’S SECRET – According to research conducted by the Gallery Aaldering team, Mr. Palmen has started collecting historic prestige cars about forty years ago, accumulating so many that he had to distribute them in two loft buildings and an abandoned church. Those jewels, among which big names such as the Lancia Aurelia Spider, Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ and Mercedes 300 SL “Gullwing” stand out, have remained asleep, suspended in time, for at least fifteen years. And on top of that in great secrecy, a detail that adds an even more unique flavor to this already incredible story. “We have often asked the owner to let us take a look, but we have never obtained his authorization”, some people who live in Dordrecht, the place of this, told the Gallery Aaldering experts. extraordinary find.

THE ENGINES ALL APPEAR TO WORK – The one of Gallery Aaldering, in the world of collector cars, has already been defined as “the barn find of the century“, and the definition does not seem exaggerated at all, because a find of this kind, considering the quantity and quality of the vehicles in question, is a more unique than rare event. The cars, according to what was declared by the staff of Classic Car Auction, are not never been restored. However, Mr. Palmer, without anyone’s help, would have taken steps to keep them in efficiency. At least as regards the engines, which, in rotation, he would periodically start and idle, preventing them from stalling. .

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