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The best-selling cars in Europe in Q1 2023

FROM 31ST TO FIRST – The best-selling car in the year is electric first quarter of 2023 throughout Europe. Based on the data of Jato Dynamics concerning 27 European markets, was in fact the Tesla Model Y the most registered car both in the first three months of the year and in March alone. A notable change compared to the same period last year, when the American electric SUV occupied only the 31st position. Behind the Model Y, which sold 71,683 units in Q1, the Dacia Sandero (60,202 units) and Volkswagen T-Roc (54,960 units) are on the podium.

ELECTRICAL ON THE SHIELDS – Overall, new car registrations in Europe in March, with over 1.4 million units, increased by 26%. An increase that the Hundred explain with theaccumulation of orders from previous months which were not delivered earlier due to missing parts. Looking at the first three months of the year, when more than 3.2 million cars were sold (the highest figure since 2019), the increase is 17%. Driving the growth were the electric cars, which increased their volume by 43% in March with nearly 220,000 units registered. Even their market share in the first quarter, pari al 13,4% it is the highest ever recorded in the same period in Europe.

TESLA AND THE OTHERS – The models of the Tesla they accounted for 28% of electric car registrations in March and 22% in the quarter. Well there too Volkswagen, which came to 2,400 fewer units sold than Tesla in Q1 2023 (with volume up 57%). The Saic Group records positive results, with brands such as MG and Maxus. In particular, thanks to the MG 4, the brand entered the top 10 of electric car sales, obtaining fourth place in the March ranking. Thanks to the bZ4X, which has sold more than 3,700 units, the Toyota it grew by 437% during the quarter, but still remained marginal in terms of volumes of electric vehicles.

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