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The Chinese ahead of progress: what will happen to the Russian car market before the end of the year


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If some time ago experts predicted an increase in the share of Chinese brands in the Russian market to 40-45%, now they are predicting from 50 to 60%. And it will happen before the end of 2023. It looks like a little more, and every second car sold in our country will be “under heaven”. Whether this is good or bad, the AvtoVzglyad portal found out.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the Chinese have not only flooded our market, but are also attacking the world market without hesitation, forcing out regulars, including premium ones. Moreover, Asians win leadership in literally all segments.

Let’s say more: they dictate their own rules of the game to the planet, imposing new standards, requirements and trends on the auto business.

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However, there is nothing wrong with this. The market is changing, and so are priorities. And the players will change along with it. Foreign brands have already seriously lost their positions and continue to lose them further, yielding to the Chinese both the occupied territories and their own.

It is gratifying that Asians are advancing on the world not only with products that have turned into decent products, but are completely ahead of progress. Don’t believe? Then we recommend listening to the exclusive podcast of the AvtoVzglyad portal, after which the obvious will no longer seem so incredible.



April 26, 2023


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