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The Chinese will surprise Russian drivers with new “state employees”, the authorities with taxes, and the road builders with prices: results of the week

Chery has opened Russian sales of the budget version of the Tiggo 7 Pro Max crossover. Although it is difficult to call it a budget one: dealers ask for almost 2.4 million rubles for a new Elite package. Livan X3 Pro, which Geely is preparing to launch, is much more interesting in this sense – its starting price will be 1.3 million rubles. True, while car dealerships do not offer this model, its sales should begin before the end of May.

In addition to “Lebanon”, we are waiting for a few more cheap cars. In particular, the U5 Plus sedan from BAIC, a new brand for our country, has already begun to arrive in showrooms. It seems that at first the car will be available only in the top version (1,830,000 rubles), while the basic version (from 1.7 million) will be released later. In addition, two four-doors – most likely Alsvin and Eado Plus – are about to roll out Changan.

In the meantime, the Chinese are capturing the Russian market for new cars, the authorities are thinking about how to get their hands on the used spare parts segment. Ilya Smirnov, director of the insurance market department of the Central Bank, suggested tightening control not only over quality, but also over the turnover of “used” parts. In other words, over auto-disassembly. According to him, this is necessary to improve road safety and reduce the number of thefts.

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