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the deadwood is about to collapse, the driver is getting out of the car… (video) – magazine Behind the wheel

He slowly gets out of the car, talking on the phone, calmly turns around, puts the car on the alarm. What’s next?!

Behind the wheel

Many strange and even dangerous incidents occurred during the May holidays: in Sevastopol, for example, a minibus with passengers overturned. And for a motorist from Sochi, a banal exit from his own car could have had serious consequences.

On May 7, he parked his car on Vishnevaya Street – judging by the precise movements captured on the video, this is not the first time he has stopped in this place. And clearly there is no danger.

He slowly gets out of the car, talking on the phone, then calmly turns to the car and puts it on the alarm. Turns away, out of frame…

A weighty dry trunk falls exactly on the spot where it just stood! It is about such people that they say: I was born in a shirt!

“Driving” can be read in Odnoklassniki

Source: Main road

Photo: VK video screenshot

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