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The drivers of these cars allow themselves to be rude on the road

“My Fines” service: owners of Lada, BMW and Mercedes are the most impolite

A study of the “My Fines” service based on a user survey showed that motorists consider the owners of Lada, BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars to be the most rude, aggressive and most likely to violate traffic rules.

43.7% of respondents complained about Lada owners, 35.7% complained about car hams, BMW – 35.7%, Mercedes-Benz – 23.6%, Lexus – 15%, Toyota – 13.3% and Audi – 9.3%.

The fewest complaints are about drivers from Geely (1.4%), Exeed (1.1%), Omoda (0.9%) and Suzuki (0.9%).

The drivers who received fines most often during the year were: Lada – 11.9% of drivers of this brand who participated in the survey, Toyota – 10.5%, Kia – 9%, Nissan – 7.7%, Hyundai – 6.9%.

Among the most common violations among drivers were:

speeding (89.4%) failure to comply with signs and markings (19.1%) parking in the wrong place (10.9%) driving without a seat belt (9.8%) failure to stop before the stop line (4.7%) passing a prohibiting traffic light signal (3.6%) driving in the bus lane (2.4%) driving in the wrong lane or shoulder (1.7%) not allowing a pedestrian to pass at the crossing (1.3%) turning left or making a wrong U-turn place (1.2%).

More than 1,200 service users participated in the survey.

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