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The European auto industry fed the demoniac “green” a fairy tale about environmentally friendly “electronic fuel”

The Greens do not care, but in fact it does not use carbon dioxide (CO2), but carbon monoxide (CO). By combining CO and hydrogen (obtained by decomposing water with electricity) in the presence of tricky catalysts, you can get methane, ethylene, paraffins, gasoline with an octane rating of 40-55, diesel fuel … In general, a lot of fuel.

But in any case, greenhouse CO2 – around which, in fact, all the fuss – was not even close here. Fighters for the environment are not embarrassed: what is CO2, what is CO – but what’s the difference? The main thing for them is to talk smartly about “decarbonization” … After all, in order to really somehow fight greenhouse CO2, it must first be fished out of the atmosphere and somehow converted into carbon monoxide CO.

This can be done, for example, by heating it above 2700ºС. Imagine what energy costs will be required to organize such a process of industrial processing of CO2 into CO, and be horrified. It is possible to decompose carbon dioxide in a plasma using microwave radiation – in a kind of “microwave”. How much clean energy (not to mention the cost of equipment) it will require is also another question.

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