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The first Chinese car dealer came to Russia

One of the top managers of the company said that now a number of Asian automakers that sell their cars in Europe and the United States are afraid of falling under secondary sanctions there for supplying cars to Russia. Therefore, they do not do it themselves, because of the risk of various fines and blocking.

However, the process goes through Chinese firms with export licenses. With their help, they arrange the export of cars from China. After the “iron horses” they are sold to Russian firms, which import them under the parallel import scheme. Meilin Auto itself will carry out the entire supply chain in the Russian Federation. That is, the number of intermediaries is reduced. So you can expect that some models will become a little cheaper.

According to the portal, Meilin Auto plans to import Voyah, Hongqi and Li Auto brands. In addition, the Chinese are ready to organize the delivery of European and American models on order. We are talking about electric cars Volkswagen, Cadillac and Tesla. That is, the emphasis is not on affordable foreign cars, but on expensive ones. This is understandable, because the profit from such transactions is higher.

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