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The Fisker Ocean will have battery swap

BATTERY CHANGE – The American company has announced that its electric SUV will be available early next year Fisker Ocean will come with interchangeable batteries. The operation was born from the collaboration of the Californian car manufacturer with Ample, a company that deals precisely with interchangeable battery modules. This partnership is part of a long-term strategy by Fisker to increase sales of its electric cars in the United States and Europe. “Ample’s innovative battery swap system will take the Ocean to a new level of practicality,” assures Henrik Fisker, president and CEO of the American company.

> Above an Ample battery swap station: below is the video illustrating how it works.

HOW TO FILL UP WITH PETROL – According to Fisker, the battery change would allow to obtain a fully charged car with times similar to those of a petrol refuelling and at lower cost. Long charging times are a major obstacle to the adoption of electric vehicles, especially for those drivers who have to travel many kilometers. With an interchangeable battery system, Fisker believes it can end worries about range and recharging problems.

BY THE FLEET – The typical customers of the cars with replaceable battery of Fisker will be fleet operators looking to transition to electric mobility “without economic or operational compromises”. According to plans, Ample’s technology would allow the infrastructure for electric vehicles to be rapidly deployed, allowing Fisker to make its vehicles available in wider markets and in less time.

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