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the girl was taken for a ride in a drift car (video) – magazine Behind the wheel

At first it may seem that an entertaining trip awaits her, but from the first seconds it becomes clear that this is not so …

Behind the wheel

Such videos invariably attract the interest of the general public, so to speak, for obvious reasons. We also decided to publish this video, because no one canceled Friday and the upcoming vacation.

However, the girl in the frame will have to work hard. We will immediately give her her due: what she experienced is worthy of maximum respect. From the first frames it is clear that the person is not really ready for what is happening, but shows impressive resilience.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

On this face – the whole storm of emotions. Probably, at some point she becomes ill on a physical level, but she copes with this.

And even finds the strength to smile – when, as she thinks, everything is already over. But now the pilot seems to decide to go on the second round …

“Behind the wheel” can now be watched on RuTube

Source: Road Wars

Photo: VK video screenshot

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