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The Great Chinese Revolution: how China is destroying the global auto industry

At the peak of the pandemic, the lion’s share of car builders faced incredible difficulties and, above all, financial ones. In an attempt to stay afloat, global concerns one by one stopped production and work on new developments, reduced product lines and staff. Meanwhile, the Chinese comrades who “activated” the virus were quietly working out a strategy for global market conquest.

It seems that it was not in vain that numerous experts shouted that the “crown” in the Celestial Empire was launched artificially and purposefully. Otherwise, how can one explain the fact that global automakers are dying, while Chinese ones, on the contrary, are developing? Yes, so actively, as if the crisis was turned on for everyone except China. And another confirmation of this is the XX Shanghai Motor Show, where even the late Henry Ford probably realized that local brands are tearing everyone and everything, gaining absolute leadership in key segments of the automotive industry.

The development of Asians is facilitated by advanced technologies, with which they literally bombarded the guests of the main exhibition of achievements in the automotive industry. Self-driving cars, hybrids that can run on electricity and hydrogen at the same time, unified transport ecosystems, smart infrastructure, cloud services and platforms that allow riveting from motorcycles to aircraft. Yes, the guys from the Middle Kingdom have something to learn even from the most advanced old-timers of the market. But how did the Chinese manage to get ahead of progress so incredibly quickly? Apparently, the crisis was indeed initiated in the PRC for the sake of profit and enslavement for. Well, commendable – nothing more to say.

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