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The Honda ZR-V is ready for Europe

JOINING LINK – Unveiled in Japan last November (Who the news), the new Honda ZR-V arrives in our dealerships infall of 2023. The new SUV, based on the raised mechanics of the Civic, with a wheelbase shortened from 273 to 265 cm, is hole 457 cm184 wide and 162 high. Compact dimensions, but not too much, which place it exactly halfway between the smaller HR-V and the larger CR-V, also on the launch pad in European dealerships.

MORE SOBER THAN MANY COMPETITORS – The new Honda ZR-V is characterized by a sober and elegant look, with balanced proportions between the rather contained volumes and front and rear overhangs. Both the tail and the nose, which converges, lowering slightly, in the large grille finished in glossy black, are furrowed by slim and elongated headlights. The sides have an almost completely smooth course, which, thanks also to the wheel arches practically flush with the bodywork, makes them slim and streamlined. To make more slender the silhouette is also contributed by the sloping shape of the roof and rear window.

WITH THE HYBRID “HEART” OF THE CIVIC – In our showrooms the new one Honda ZR-V will land in a single version full hybrid: inherits the electrified mechanics of the Civic from 184 CV and is therefore formed by a four-cylinder 2.0 Atkinson cycle petrol, a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor. The latter takes care of the traction (which is front only): the 2.0 instead drives a current generator (only at medium-high and constant speeds is it connected directly to the wheels, to reduce consumption). For its new crossover, the Japanese company promises driving pleasure at the top of the category, precisely by virtue of its close relationship with the sedan from which it derives, a lively car not only in the ultra-sporty Type-R version, but also in the more economical hybrid variants. With this in mind, the manufacturer claims to have tried to make driving as dynamic as possible, working on the steering and suspension settings (the rear ones are of a refined multilink type).

DESIGNED TO MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THE SPACES – Even the interior of the Honda ZR-V they are inspired by the Civic: although at first glance the dashboard seems identical, in reality it is specific, as demonstrated by the many small differences. From this “tick” the 9-inch multimedia screen and there is no shortage numerous rooms and pockets scattered throughout the cockpit. Given the external dimensions, the trunk is not huge: the house declares 380/1,291 litres.

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