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The incredible obvious: why sales of Chinese pickups suddenly jumped in Russia

Well it’s how to look

Even this result is not bad, if you do not take into account the catastrophically low base of last year. However, in reality, everything is not so rosy. “What is Captain Wenzel compared to the magnificence of nature?” And in comparison with the very splendor of the Great Wall, it even loses ground a little, which may seem surprising. If in January the brand occupied 0.6% of the market, then in March – 0.4%. Fall in half. And the situation will not improve in the near future, since sales of the Wingle 7 pickup truck, which honestly contributed to sales volume, have been discontinued since April – 377 cars of this model were sold in the quarter.

By the way, an interesting point is connected with this, which in some way characterizes the behavior of Chinese automobile companies in the Russian market. Of the two pickups sold in Russia, the company removed the cheaper one – the difference between them was about 600 – 700 thousand rubles. And in the near future, a new car will come to us – Poer King Kong, which is 24 cm longer than the regular Poer and is equipped with a plug-in all-wheel drive with a rear differential lock and a reduction gear. Now its starting price is declared at the level of Wingle 7, but after a while it will surely overtake its shorter counterpart.

Thus, cheaper cars are washed away imperceptibly and replaced by more expensive ones. Actually, no one doubted that the Chinese would not please us with cheap cars, but would try to extract maximum profit from the unpleasant situation in which our auto industry fell largely through the fault of their “talented” leaders.

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