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The infotainment screen becomes rollable

BOUND BY SCREENS – The displays of the multimedia systems they have become an essential element of any car interior, so much so that designers often design the interior decoration of cars based on these screens. There Hyundai Mobis showed the world a new roll-up screen which could have a very important impact on the future interior design of vehicles. Screens of this type have already been seen in other high-tech sectors, but this is the first time that this technology is designed to be used on board a car.

WHAT SHOULD YOU SEE? – A screen that is able to fold and disappear leaves several open possibilities for designers, which would no longer be tied to the presence of a screen on the dashboard. When the display non serve disappears, thus allowing for more minimalist interiors. Also, the screen can be used in different modes. For example, it can open only one third to indicate only the basic information for driving, show two thirds during navigation or fully rise to 16:9 format to watch videos while the vehicle is parked, perhaps while recharging.

ON THE BRIDGE OR ON THE CEILING – The roll-up display of the Hyundai Mobis it has a QHD or higher resolution and can be even larger than 30 inches. But when rolled up it needs 12cm of installation depth, also lending itself to being positioned on the ceiling of the car, between the front and rear seats, or sideways next to the seats. Hyundai Mobis claims to have designed this technology especially for European and American luxury car brands, so it roll-up screen it would not be limited to models from the Hyundai Motor Group.

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